[aprssig] How far back in days data do we have in APRS databases ?

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Fri Mar 11 17:53:04 CST 2005

findU keeps all position reports for 120 days (there is a separate table for the
last position associated with each callsign, used for things like find and
near.cgi's, these are purged at 10 days to avoid cluttering the near list).
Weather reports, telemetry, ISS and PCSat data are never purged, and go back to
March 2000 for weather, January 2004 for telemetry, August 2001 for ISS, and
Sept 2001 for PCSat (during ground testing). Raw data is saved for 70 days,
messages and status for 30 days.

Steve K4HG

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