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[aprssig] RE: Two meter freqs in cable/TV systems

Chris Rose kb8uih at sbcglobal.net
Sat Mar 12 03:28:36 UTC 2005

My reference to cable TV and 2 meters didn't infer
that a cable system should be shut down, it was to
inform anyone not knowing that we interfere with it,
not the other way around.  Although it does happen
with leaks from cable systems.  And by rule we are
primary to that spectrum and if a leaky system doesn't
fix its problems we do have recourse to force the
issue, do we not?

With BPL it is comparing apples to oranges, the BPL
may cause interference but we don't share the spectrum
like we do with cable.

Thats all I wanted to bring up.


--- Little Dog <steve at kcwings.com> wrote:
> Let's think about this a minute. The cable TV
> problem has been around as 
> long as there has been cable TV. The FCC has NEVER
> shut a cable system 
> down for interference. The power companies are the
> same way. On the ARRL 
> site they print all of Riley Hollingsworth's
> enforcement letters. One 
> this week is to a power company for interference to
> a ham. No where does 
> it say, in the letter, that unless the power company
> solve its 
> interference problem that it would have to shut
> down.
> Do we think for a second that the FCC will shut down
> a BPL system if it 
> interfers?
> Steve WV0J

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