[aprssig] RE: Two meter freqs in cable/TV systems

Little Dog steve at kcwings.com
Sat Mar 12 00:54:00 CST 2005

Chris, My point was that the rules state that we are a licensed service 
and that any interference caused by an unlicensed service for the 
frequency must cease operation until the interference is resolved. It 
only happens when the interference is caused by an individual or a small 
company using illegal radios. All of these "incidental radiators" that 
also should be shut down, aren't.
The FCC never has and never will follow their own regulations. My point 
is that we are low man on the totem. We just have gotten use to it when 
it comes to the cable systems.

We don't "share" the spectrum with the cable company. They, along with 
BPL, are "incidental radiators". That is, frequencies that get out of 
"closed" systems that radiate in the open. So from that vantage point, 
they are apples and apples.

Steve - WV0J

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