[aprssig] RE: Two meter freqs in cable/TV systems

Steve J. s.jones at rogers.com
Sat Mar 12 08:00:04 CST 2005

Keep in mind that the cable system should not be radiating the signal 
outside of it's physical plant.

Chances are if they are interfering with the amateur band because of a 
leaky system, they are also interfering with the aeronautical band.  
This usually results in an order to comply with leakage regulations 

Our local company conducts aerial sweeps of the system once a year to 
locate any leaks.  Most systems inject a signal into the system which 
they can use to track down the source.  The cable vans also have 
scanners tuned to the same frequency which they can use to track down 
the source from the ground.

Steve <s.jones at rogers.com>

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