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[aprssig] WAS:TNC220 ok for UI-DIGI ? TNC's from "Over the Pond"

Rich Garcia k4gps at arrl.net
Mon Mar 14 01:43:31 UTC 2005

John, Byron, Scott have all done a fantastic job with "quasi TNC's" these
past couple of years. I read with
some curiousity Andre's message listing some state of the art TNC's that
hams in Europe enjoy. Anyone have
an idea as to why we have not had an opportunity to use these over here? I
think the American TNC market is
failing quickly with the only TNC's currently for sale as new coming from
Kantronics. We may not have large
enough of a market to design and produce TNC's as we once did but I would
think it's large enough to import
something already in production.

What is the exchange rate currently ? Anyone from the other side of the pond
that can tell us what they would cost
in USD ? I am curious as to what it would take to have English versions of
the manuals and maybe someone to import
them. Some links to these products would also be appreciated.


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Mark Earle schreef:

> At 05:04 AM 3/12/2005 +1000, you wrote:
> >Whats constitutes a TNC2 Clone ?
> >
> These days, that would be:
> 1. Genuine TAPR TNC-2 (almost impossible to find)
> 2. Pac-Comm Tiny-2 or Mark-2
> 3. MFJ 1270 series.
> We've used the Pac-Comms with good success. I prefer them over MFJ,
> because the MFJ has a "tuneable" modem, and may drift at sites with
> wide temperature variations. The modem chip used in the Pac-Comm is
> crystal referenced.
if you have connections in europe you can go for the symek tnc2 clones
like the tnc2s tnc21s and tnc2h. the first two are 1200 baud and the h
version is 9600
the 1200 baud versions use tcm3105 as the modem, the dcd is not as good
on that ic but it is more stable and copies better in the noice then the
xr2211, there is a mod to use the xr2211 for the dcd and the tmc3105 as
there is also the dutch designed tnc2nl that is sold as a kit, it is
almost identical to the tnc2s.
european tnc2 clones usualy use german designed TF2.7b from nord><link
that has a 27 or 10 channel keyboard mode (depending on the version),
smack-kiss and wa8ded hostmode.
The newer tnc3s, tnc31s and tnc4e use a different faster processor and
can´t run ui-digi but I think the information needed for programming for
these tncs are available, they are designed with flash memory so you can
upload new firware without opening the box.
the tnc3s has place for two modemboards the tnc31s has room for one
modem, the tnc4e  has room for 3 modems and an ethernet port.

73 de Andre PE1RDW

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