[aprssig] WAS:TNC220 ok for UI-DIGI ? TNC's from "Over the Pond"

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Sun Mar 13 21:25:49 CST 2005

Maybe we can negotiate some sort of arms-for-TNCs trade.  =]  Wouldn't mind
having an AR15.

As for not providing the CPU, that's not going to fly for this design.  It's
a 32-bit ARM7 family chip in a 64-lead LQFP package.  Not what most
hobbyists would consider hand-solderable, though it can be done.

Probably the best I could do would be offering the case and board
separately.  I really don't know if that's enough to get around the
requirements, especially if they're being ordered together from the same
place.  I think I'll just wind up shelling out the cash for certification.
I'd appreciate any tips I can get on where to have it done cheap, though.
Pre-certification testing would also help - it's going to get a lot more
expensive if I don't pass on the first try.


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What would happen if it's a partial kit ?

I come from a heavy background in
firearms and we deal with goverment regulations all the time. There are many
classic guns out there that can not be imported anymore due to a Bush Sr.
passed in 86'. These are fine guns, many which are classic and others that
have significant history behind them. If a law abiding gun owner would want
they need to buy a pre-86' model which would cost 5x+ more than what it
is worth or build one from a kit with "x" number of american parts. For
a H&K G3 goes for $4500 or more today, the same gun that has come in after
86' and
is for sale to law enforcement only is about $600. A handyman special with a
kit is about $399, buy the rest of the parts needed made in the USA and you
a copy for about $800. Looks the same, may or may not be as good and does
not have the value
but you can have one for your collection.

Maybe you can make your TNC a kit needing assembly or offer it without let's
a programmed PIC. The users would need to download the firmware and program
the PIC
but have the programmer as part of the board so it's actually just a matter
DL the file when the product arrives in the mail and updating the board.


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