[aprssig] X-Track: TNC-X Tracker Daughter Board Now Available

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Mon Mar 14 01:51:55 CST 2005

hansen at fredonia.edu wrote:

> X-Track, a TNC-X Daughter Board that allows you to connect an external 
> GPS receiver directly to your TNC-X to transmit MIC-E encoded packets, 
> is now available.  X-Track connects to your TNC-X by plugging into the 
> expansion header.  It uses TNC-X's second serial port for data 
> transfer from the GPS.  

Wow!  Really neat! Turn any 2M rig, like a TM-G707 or TM-V700, into a 
D700 equivalent by plugging the TNC-X assembly into the mini-din6 
"packet" jack. 

Does the GPS data get echoed into the data stream being sent out the 
KISS port, along with RX data,  in a manner similar to a D700 or KPC3+?

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