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[aprssig] Which Cable To Buy?

Josh Keller jeepin95 at comcast.net
Mon Mar 14 23:45:48 UTC 2005

We're setting up our command center trailer for SAR with 3 bulkhead UHF 
connectors through the wall. On the inside we would like to run jumpers 
from the bulkhead adapters to the radios. The trailer is 16' long so the 
longer jumper probably won't even be 16', we're probably looking at 
5-10' max. I'm looking at gigaparts right now to try and decide on cable 
to buy and I found this Part #: ZCB11004 --  *CXP08XB* -- 1' RG-8X Coax 
(Mini 8) NO RETURNS $0.19. Will this cable due for the inside jumpers? I 
would also be getting Part #: ZCB11004 connectors for the cable so we 
can custom fit the cables.

The GigaParts.com sales line is closed, so I was hoping someone on here 
may know which cable this is.


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