[aprssig] Which Cable To Buy?

John Langtry, VE3NEC ve3nec at sympatico.ca
Mon Mar 14 19:53:00 CST 2005

Hi Josh,

Of all the cable types out there, the only one that
I've been really disappointed with is the "RG-8X"
(and numerous themes on that) mini-foam. Personally
I have been very disappointed with its performance in
the long run (both physically and over time).

On the positive side, it's very pliable, making it good
for a short (say 2M or 6 feet) of "test cord", for "shop"
use. On 146 MHz it's not too bad, on 450 MHz is just "passable".

If I were you, and if "pliability" is not an issue, I'd
stay with RG-213 (or similar) for your application. If you
need something smaller and more pliable, stay with good old
RG-58U (or similar).

vy 73 de John VE3NEC
IRLP node 2200

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