[aprssig] FW: QLD APRS Network Dimensioning

Andrew Rich vk4tec at tech-software.net
Tue Mar 15 00:09:47 CST 2005

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Subject: QLD APRS Network Dimensioning


I would like to draw on your vast experience.

Here is what my experiements show. Any comments on dimensioning the network


15:57:51T VK4TEC>APU25N,VK4GME-3,VK4RAI-3,VK4PKT <UI C Len=57>:
15:57:53R VK4TEC>APU25N,VK4GME-3*,VK4RAI-3,VK4PKT <UI C Len=57>: Central
15:57:59R VK4TEC>APU25N,VK4GME-3*,VK4RAI-3*,VK4PKT <UI C Len=57>: West
15:58:02R VK4TEC>APU25N,VK4GME-3*,VK4RAI-3*,VK4PKT* <UI C Len=57>: South


15:44:57T VK4TEC>APU25N,RELAY <UI C Len=57>:
15:44:59R VK4TEC>APU25N,VK4GME-3* <UI C Len=57>: Central KPC3
15:45:00R VK4TEC>APU25N,VK4RAI-3* <UI C Len=57>: West UI-DIGI
15:45:03R VK4TEC>APU25N,VK4PKT* <UI C Len=57>: South UI-VIEW


15:47:16T VK4TEC>APU25N,WIDE <UI C Len=57>:
15:47:17R VK4TEC>APU25N,VK4GME-3* <UI C Len=57>: Central KPC3
15:47:18R VK4TEC>APU25N,VK4RAI-3* <UI C Len=57>: West UI-DIGI
15:47:22R VK4TEC>APU25N,VK4PKT* <UI C Len=57>: South UI-VIEW


15:48:06T VK4TEC>APU25N,RELAY,WIDE <UI C Len=57>:
15:48:07R VK4TEC>APU25N,VK4GME-3*,WIDE <UI C Len=57>: Central KPC3
15:48:10R VK4TEC>APU25N,VK4PKT*,WIDE <UI C Len=57>: South UI-VIEW
15:48:11R VK4TEC>APU25N,VK4RAI-3*,WIDE <UI C Len=57>: West UI-DIGI
15:48:12R VK4TEC>APU25N,VK4PKT*,VK4GME-3* <UI C Len=57>: South UI-VIEW
15:48:12R VK4TEC>APU25N,VK4RAI-3*,VK4GME-3* <UI C Len=57>: West UI-DIGI


15:50:41T VK4TEC>APU25N,WIDE3-3 <UI C Len=57>:
15:50:42R VK4TEC>APU25N,WIDE3-2 <UI C Len=57>: Central KPC3
15:50:44R VK4TEC>APU25N,WIDE3-1 <UI C Len=57>: West UI-DIGI
15:50:48R VK4TEC>APU25N,WIDE3-2 <UI C Len=57>: South (yes that not a typo
3-2) UI-VIEW


15:53:21T VK4TEC>APU25N,TRACE3-3 <UI C Len=57>:
15:53:23R VK4TEC>APU25N,VK4GME-3*,TRACE3-2 <UI C Len=57>: Central KPC3
15:53:24R VK4TEC>APU25N,VK4PKT*,TRACE3-2 <UI C Len=57>: South UI-VIEW
15:53:25R VK4TEC>APU25N,VK4RAI-3*,TRACE3-2 <UI C Len=57>: West UI-DIGI


15:54:41T VK4TEC>APU25N,RELAY,WIDE,WIDE <UI C Len=57>:
15:54:43R VK4TEC>APU25N,VK4GME-3*,WIDE,WIDE <UI C Len=57>: Central KPC3
15:54:44R VK4TEC>APU25N,VK4RAI-3*,WIDE,WIDE <UI C Len=57>: West
15:54:45R VK4TEC>APU25N,VK4RAI-3*,VK4GME-3*,WIDE <UI C Len=57>: West,
Central (ping pong)
15:54:50R VK4TEC>APU25N,VK4RAI-3*,VK4RTW-3*,VK4GME-3* <UI C Len=57>: West,
far west, central (ping pong)
15:54:55R VK4TEC>APU25N,VK4PKT*,WIDE,WIDE <UI C Len=57>: South UI-view
15:54:56R VK4TEC>APU25N,VK4PKT*,VK4GME-3*,WIDE <UI C Len=57>: South, Central
(ping pong)

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