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Ugh - RG-8 and PL-259s. Why do hams spend so much time trying for bigger, better antennas, amplifiers, etc., only to pipe that really nice antenna to their radio with RG-8 and PL-259 connectors? It doesn't make sense.

Depending on the frequency range involved and the length of the jumpers, I'd consider LMR-240, 300, or 400 Ultraflex. LMR-400UF is the same size as RG-8, with far better shielding, less loss, a smaller minimum bending radius (RG-8 is 4.5in. installed, LMR400UF is 1.0in. installed) For connectors, Type N on the antenna end - with ham gear, you'll most likely be stuck with PL-259 on the radio end. You could also look at Andrew FSJ-series Superflex cable - Andrew even gives you specifications on the number of bends until the cable is considered out of spec.


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Josh, cable is a personal thing. RG8X is great in that it is cheap and light
and flexible, but some folks also call it disposable cable, use once and
throw away because the insulation can break down so easily and then the
impedance changes. Ooops.<G> Personally I like to use the heaviest cable
that I can, i.e. I'll use RG8 for jumpers because it has excellent
qualities, lower loss, and is physically robust. Plus it needs no adapters
for UHF fittings. If it is going from "A to B" and needs to withstand many
hands and stay intact...I'd go with RG8, the best grade available. Probably
solid not foam (more robust) but stranded (a compromise for handling) core.
And make up a second set of jumpers to be kept in a box labeled "spare
jumpers", since the best price will be for a spool anyway.

Check out

for a real steal on Belden 8237 on dented spools. Premium RG8, $20/100'.
About $10 for UPS cross-country.

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