[aprssig] DIGI_NED 0.3.6

Henk de Groot henk.de.groot at hetnet.nl
Tue Mar 15 16:39:50 CST 2005


Here is an update to DIGI_NED, version 0.3.6. The digipeater itself has
not changed since version 0.3.5, but now two new interfaces are supported:

- Direct communication to a (multiport) KISS TNC
- Communication with AGWPE

Both these work under Linux, but now also under the Cygwin environment
in Windows.

I posted the source and binary to my own website:


The floppy configuration has not changed, this version brings nothing new
for DOS, so it doesn't make sense to update the floppy at this time.

There is an updated executable for DOS and a package with a compiled
Cygwin binary for use with AGWPE.

Here are the changes to DIGI_NED itself from the Changes.txt file:


14-03-2005 version 0.3.6
- Fixed 2 warnings after using a more pedantic settings for GCC
- Added KISS and AGW interface, now DIGI_NED compiles clean under Cygwin!
   In in the Makefile you can now choose 4 types of interfaces:
   - Old AX25 utils - I still use this on my 486 laptop with RedHat 5.2
   - New AX25 utils - This should be used with the current Linux kernels
   - KISS           - Talks directly to a KISS TNC via a /dev/tty* node
   - AGWPE          - Talks to the network to AGWPE
   Edit the "Makefile" to select the interface you want.
   All types work on Linux; KISS and AGWPE also work on Cygwin.
   The DOS version of course still uses the AX25_MAC TSR, for Windows you
   can use a version under Cygwin (see http://www.cygwin.org/).
   To get Cygwin running, please look at the instructions provided for
   Xastir (www.xastir.org). If you have Xastir running, compiling DIGI_NED
   should not be a problem. Review the documentation who to proceed from
   here, the installation is much like Linux for Cygwin.
- AGWPE in DIGI_NED does not support passing a login+password (yet).
- Added a little text to digi_ned.txt for the KISS and AGWPE interfaces.

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his home page is at "http://web.usna.navy.mil/~bruninga/aprs.html"

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