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[aprssig] Spectra +

Ray McKnight shortsheep at worldnet.att.net
Tue Mar 15 23:50:07 UTC 2005

Have you looked at www.batlabs.com  ?

The definitive site for researching Motorola specs,
Programming, pin-outs etc.  I recall reading some
Stuff regarding taking Spectra's down to the full limits
Of the 2mtr band, and it seemed to hinge on the software
You use to program them.  Some does and some doesn't, but
The big sticky is that you had to get into the software
And edit parameters.  Might have required a debugger or
Something.  Look closely, they almost certainly talk about
It in pretty good detail.

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Any one out there in radio land had experience with a Motorola Astro Spectra

+ ???  Would like to find if the 146 to 174mhz radio will work down to 144 
with a 15 or 20 khz channel spacing?  Web site if vague and maybe on 

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