[aprssig] APRS+SA (v2.24) filter question

Mark Earle wa2mct at mearle.com
Sat Mar 19 08:03:01 CST 2005

OK.. I have a line like this in the

first.aprs.net 14580 /m1700

This "should"? If I understand things give me positions within 1700km of my 
station, once I send a posit.

It seems to send me nothing. Is there a trick to sending javaaprs filter 
commands with APRS+SA? This is the first time I've wanted to try this.. 
usually I just connected to a "pre defined" filter port, with a line like this:

first.aprs.net 14578

That works fine but I need something that isn't predefined.

Have googled and not really come up with the answer.

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