[aprssig] APRS+SA (v2.24) filter question

Tyson S. timbercutter at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 19 08:07:11 CST 2005

I am not sure how you do it in APRS+, but in uiview you would send the
server "filter m/1700" without the quotes. It needs to see the word
filter. You can also connect to the 14580 server without trying to send
anything with the log on text, but then send a message to SERVER with
the message being, FILTER M/1700 and that should work also.

--- Mark Earle <wa2mct at mearle.com> wrote:
> OK.. I have a line like this in the
> \aprs\data\aprserve.txt
> first.aprs.net 14580 /m1700
> This "should"? If I understand things give me positions within 1700km
> of my 
> station, once I send a posit.
> It seems to send me nothing. Is there a trick to sending javaaprs
> filter 
> commands with APRS+SA? This is the first time I've wanted to try
> this.. 
> usually I just connected to a "pre defined" filter port, with a line
> like this:
> first.aprs.net 14578
> That works fine but I need something that isn't predefined.
> Have googled and not really come up with the answer.
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