[aprssig] APRS+SA (v2.24) filter question

Mark Earle wa2mct at mearle.com
Sat Mar 19 08:33:30 CST 2005

At 08:24 AM 3/19/2005 -0600, you wrote:
 >Should be
 >first.aprs.net 14580 # filter m/1700
 >Pete Loveall AE5PL
 >mailto:pete at ae5pl.net

Thanks, Pete! I knew I had seen it somewhere before.. forgot the # symbol. 
Off to edit the aprserve.txt file.

I'm watching a friend KC5EVE trek across the state, and need to see a bit 
more than the predefined port will allow. He's ultimately going to end up 
near Durango, CO. He'll be in digi coverage most of the way, and he has a 
digi up high near Durango, (-11), and an Igate (-14) once he gets there.

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