[aprssig] WAAS and DGPS

Tim Schall ka7pbi at fortgirlfriend.com
Sat Mar 19 23:29:42 CST 2005

I haven't laughed so stinkin' hard in ages.  Blah.  I'm even semi-sober at
this point....

> Earl, you're not thinking like a ham.<grin>  Buy a new <$100 receiver?  No
> way... .. you want to use that surplus L-band receiver (vacuum tube, of
> course) you bought in 1955 at a hamfest where it was being sold as scrap
> have been keeping in your garage for a project just like this.  Sure,
> need a networked cluster of 15 or 20 80286 based PCs running DOS 3.1 to
> reduce the observables to a position, but hey, you got the computers for
> free.

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