[aprssig] Re: W9DF-??

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Mar 21 11:41:54 CST 2005

Same here.  We are down to only 12 stations still using the
dupe-generating WIDE,WIDE,... paths, but they are all
digipeaters or unattended WX stations.  These 12 stations
generate more packets per hour than 80 other stations.
Where if they would go to WIDE2-2 or WIDE3-3 *and*
use the recoemmended DIGI beacon rates, they
could cut their dupes down by a factor of 6 to 8 EACH...

>>> Richard Montgomery <kb4ytm at gmail.com> 3/21/05 11:26:49 AM >>>
Whats the timetable for this digi (and others in IN and IL) to be 
changed to the new n-n paradigm? I see this digi everyday down here in

western TN. Its getting really close to storm season, and I hoped by
(going on 2 months) since the end of the new n-n discussion that digi 
owners and sysops would have made changes by now. I pass NWS bulletins

to RF for my area, and seeing this QRM from 2 states away is going to 
cut down on these bulletins making it to their destinations. We have
but 1 of our digis in west TN changed, but I dont see any on my local 
map of about 200 miles changed except for ours and 1 over in Middle

KB4YTM-2 Igate

Robert Bruninga wrote:

>Its trivial to find all the D700's.  In APRSdos, just
>go to the DIGIPATH page and enter JUST-APK1
>and all the D700's will be listed...  Don't know how
>to do these kinds of selective displays in other software..  Bob
>>>>awolfe at Route24.net 2/19/05 11:22:44 PM >>>
> Robbie,
>    W9DF-15 is a rather high profile digi near West Lafayette,
>uses Wide5-5 for some reason. Someone that hears him direct has a
>up as a Wide digi with it set up incorrectly. Anyhow, as his packets
>back and forth, this D700 decrements his SSID. Of course this is a
>as far as the other digis or W9DF-15 see it. Then this new call get
>out. I hear him directly most of the time and watch as his SSID's 
>go -15, -14, -13, etc, often down to -10, blip, blip, blip, blip.
>    It not just W9DF-15 that has problems. Most of the stations in
>and central Illinois and western and central Indiana get their calls
>up. When ever I check my Heard list I can delete at least 25 percent,
>a third, of the calls there as being wrong. This has been going on
>last Summer.
>    I cannot run more than just Wide here or my SSID gets
>Wide2-2 gets my call decremented. I see no reason to run any more
>here but I can't even do that. Of course there were never any
>running Trace instead of Wide but I guess now we are to be getting
>Trace. D700s don't seem to screw up Trace.
>    If there were just some way to contact all the D700 users and
>to fix their d%*$ digis.
>Al, K9SI
>>Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2005 09:08:40 -0600
>>From: Robbie - WA9INF <mwrobertson at comcast.net>
>>Subject: [aprssig] W9DF-??
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>>I believe this issue has been discussed before but I can't find any
>>reference to it now..
>>Someone's either got PASSALL turned on or something, as W9DF-15 is
>>digipeated with as many as five different SSIDs.
>>Could it be W9DF is doing something itself?
>>Just curious <g>
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