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J Smith k9apr at sbcglobal.net
Mon Mar 21 12:47:27 CST 2005

For the most part Rick all digi's have been changed over to the new n-N stuff.. W9DF is saluted to be changed updated in the next week or so. What NWS office are you passing NWS info for? Hope it isn't OHX someone else has been doing that for some time now.
And I happen to be a digi owner also and sometimes things take time to get done and cost more money to get done. 
73, James, K9APR
Richard Montgomery <kb4ytm at gmail.com> wrote:
Whats the timetable for this digi (and others in IN and IL) to be 
changed to the new n-n paradigm? I see this digi everyday down here in 
western TN. Its getting really close to storm season, and I hoped by now 
(going on 2 months) since the end of the new n-n discussion that digi 
owners and sysops would have made changes by now. I pass NWS bulletins 
to RF for my area, and seeing this QRM from 2 states away is going to 
cut down on these bulletins making it to their destinations. We have all 
but 1 of our digis in west TN changed, but I dont see any on my local 
map of about 200 miles changed except for ours and 1 over in Middle TN.

KB4YTM-2 Igate

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