[aprssig] Puget Sound packet hog counter

Tim Schall ka7pbi at fortgirlfriend.com
Tue Mar 22 01:18:42 CST 2005

Here's on to take a look at.  http://packet.fortgirlfriend.com/usage.html

This page is generated by a server in my rack at home that is attached to
the aprsd instance running at the SEA digi site.  It considers all packets
it completly decodes on RF.  Digi site can be viewed at:

It generates a new page at the top of each hour and resets the counters at
midnight.  At 2300 this evening it had heard 28272 packets from 351 stations
since resetting the counters last night.  Any station with an @ in front is
an igate.  Currently the @WA7QFR igate is the current most prolific user, as
heard at the digi site, with 839 packets sent.  If you look at user #35
you'll see that of those 839 packets from the igate 225 of them were sent on
behalf of WA7QFR-11.  A little further down you find that that igate sent
165 packets on behalf of K7OFT-10 (User #54).

The far right column shows excessive paths if present.  Our current
recommendation here in the Puget Sound area is for a path of WIDE2-2 for
base stations and RELAY,WIDE2-2 for mobiles.

It's a useful tool.  Thanks to Curt Mills, WE7U for the original software
and Bill Vodall, WA7NWP who is the current caretaker of the code.

Tim Schall, KA7PBI

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