[aprssig] Additional IGates ?

Tapio Sokura oh2kku at iki.fi
Tue Mar 22 18:19:37 CST 2005

Sean Jewett wrote:
> It needs a KISS TNC unfortunately.  I've thought about trying to do 
> something with a soundcard but I've not had the time or patience to get 
> the linux soundcard / ax25 stuff running.  Nevermind picking a soundcard 

If I remember correctly, user-mode soundmodem creates a pseudo-tty that 
speaks KISS. So instead of telling a program to talk to /dev/ttyS0, you 
could point it to /dev/soundmodem0 and talk KISS just like there was a 
KISS TNC on the other end. Linux kernel support for AX.25 is not required.

But you do need functioning sound card support in the kernel. All those 
things might not fit on a floppy. But they certainly would fit on a CD 
that could be used alone or with a floppy (store the boot files and 
configuration information on a floppy and keep the static parts on CD).


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