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[aprssig] Additional IGates ?

Curt, WE7U archer at eskimo.com
Wed Mar 23 15:32:05 UTC 2005

On Wed, 23 Mar 2005, Tapio Sokura wrote:

> Sean Jewett wrote:
> > It needs a KISS TNC unfortunately.  I've thought about trying to do
> > something with a soundcard but I've not had the time or patience to get
> > the linux soundcard / ax25 stuff running.  Nevermind picking a soundcard
> If I remember correctly, user-mode soundmodem creates a pseudo-tty that
> speaks KISS. So instead of telling a program to talk to /dev/ttyS0, you
> could point it to /dev/soundmodem0 and talk KISS just like there was a
> KISS TNC on the other end. Linux kernel support for AX.25 is not required.

Yes, you _can_ set it up that way, and I have it running that way at
home right now.  One of the Xastir Solaris users is running it that
way too, because of course Solaris doesn't have AX.25 in the kernel.
Only one program at a time can talk to it.

The other way to run soundmodem is as an AX.25 networking device.
If you do that, then programs that can talk to that type of
interface can all share the interface at once.  Very much like an
ethernet interface in that case.

Xastir will talk to either type (you knew I'd sneak that in there
somewhere, didn't you?).

> But you do need functioning sound card support in the kernel. All those
> things might not fit on a floppy. But they certainly would fit on a CD
> that could be used alone or with a floppy (store the boot files and
> configuration information on a floppy and keep the static parts on CD).

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