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[aprssig] network flux in SC

Wes Johnston aprs at kd4rdb.com
Thu Mar 24 15:58:17 UTC 2005

With regard to the recent "packet hog" thread...

In central SC, we have a digined digipeater running that will _not_ digipeat
WIDE packets.  WIDEn-n and SCn-n are permitted.  WideN-n and SCn-n where the
two N's match (ie first hop) are digipeated, but they are truncated to 2 hops.
So if the digi hears WIDE7-7, it comes out as WIDE2-1.  If a packet is heard
where the N's are not equal (WIDE7-5 for example), the packet is not digipeated
at all.

Nearly all of eastern SC has switched to SCn-n, I'm not sure if any are
supporting WIDEn-n anymore.  Columbia SC digiowners are unreachable and

I have no word on the greenville/spartanburg area.


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