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[aprssig] Puget Sound packet hog counter

Bill Vodall wa7nwp at jnos.org
Thu Mar 24 16:08:06 UTC 2005

> > I also noticed that a lot of the people on the list are beaconing
> > "TRACE"  Isn't
> > this a diagnositc tool, and doesn't it add a huge load on the network

> Actually TRACEn-N is being removed from service per Bob's new plan
> for APRS.  WIDEn-N will be fully traceable (as TRACEn-N is now) and
> will allow for better diagnostics of the network.

A couple years ago we (NWAPRS) realized that a short TRACEn-N path
provided more information (then WIDEn-N) and less dupes (then WIDE,WIDE)
so that became the recommended standard in the region.

This is the same as Bob's current suggestion of changing WIDEn-N
functionality to the old Trace mode...   Same plan - just the name
is different.  Could it be that once again the NWAPRS was years
ahead?   :-)

Bill - WA7NWP

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