[aprssig] Re: [CA APRS] single hop nodes in socal

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Mar 27 12:12:08 CST 2005

The New n-N Paradigm works!
But stil 80% of USA digis have not adopted it.

>>> "Bass, Mike" <mbass at amgen.com> 03/27/05 11:56 AM >>>
Just a quick note from the trenches.  The change to 
single hop on the local WIDEn-N nodes (SoCal) has really 
helped throughput.  Prior to the change, my 5 watt home 
station beaconing every 30 minutes would get about 2 or 3 
posits to the internet in a day.  Since the change, about 
75% of the posits make it to the internet.  This bodes well 
for low power stations being able to get a share of the 
RF bandwidth.


73 de Mike, N7WLC

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Subject:	[CA APRS] TRACE, TRACEn-N and WIDE are obsolete

Checked _your_ digipath today?  TRACE, TRACEn-N 
and WIDE are obsolete, and RELAY is strongly discouraged.
Simply WIDE2-2 alone does the trick in California.  Thanks!
73, Cap KE6AFE

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