[aprssig] NEAT GADGET! Complete web server crammed into PIC processor.

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Mon Mar 28 06:27:08 CST 2005

Perhaps this should be the next add-on for TNC-X.   A complete Igate in 
two chips???

Quoting from website:

"The tiny IPic TCP/IPstack

It is based on the world's smallest implementation of a TCP/IP stack -- 
which is implmented on a small 8-pin low-power microcontroller .. using 
a mere 512 words of program ROM. If IPic can fit in a PIC, it can fit in 
just about anything.

The TCP/IP code itself fits in about 256 bytes (12-bit), and the rest is 
some extra salt-and-pepper and miscellaneous code.

   1. The chip is a PIC 12C509A, running at 4MHz (Internal RC clock).
   2. implementing the IPic tiny TCP/IP stack,
   3. a HTTP 1.0 compliant web-server,
   4. a simple telnet server (for editing files on the chip),
   5. an 24LC256 i2c EEPROM

*This is true real TCP/IP*: Despite its small size, this wee tee cee pee 
is a true implementation of very carefully hand-packed TCP/IP stack. 
Perhaps I dont need to tell you any more than to say that it is 
compliant with all applicable requirements of *RFC-1122, Host 
Requirements Document*, the current standard which all implementations 
of TCP/IP on all hosts on the Internet are required to meet in order to 
be connected to the Internet."

Complete story at:

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