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[aprssig] Puget Sound packet hog counter

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Mar 28 13:30:56 UTC 2005

I guess I am frustrated that with over 50 digis in 128
miles of Washington DC, and the WORST APRS 
network density on the planet, that now after 4 
months of the proven efectiveness of the New n-N
paradigm, only ONE DIGI has upgraded their TNC
and only 7 have changed their existing parameters..
That's the basis of my lack of confidence in any plan
that is based on new hardware...          Bob

>>> wa7nwp at jnos.org 3/27/05 3:05:02 PM >>>

> >>> wa7nwp at jnos.org 3/24/05 1:33:40 PM >>>
> >Here's my suggestion.
> >
> >Take Kantronics TNC's out of service as APRS digi's...
> >Then, put UIDIGI or KISS Eproms (for digi-ned) in TNC-2 
> >style TNC's (MFJ-1270, Tiny-2, etc) and use them for 
> >the APRS infrastructure.
> Along that same line,  they can easily afford the change
> by simply investing in the stock market and only "buy low" 
> and only"sell high".  They would make more than 
> enough money to pay for it.
> Laugh...

I'm not laughing.   I'm crying...

The UI-Digi software isn't near Digi-ned, but it's better then what
we get with the 5+ year old Kantronics.   It allows pre-emptive
digipeating and dupe removal on all aliases, which we don't get with
Kantronics.   Best of all, while it's not open, at least the software
under development and supported.  Kantronics is abandoned!

What's the bank breaking expensive of this better system?   Oh -
$30..$50 or so on Ebay.   I picked up a pile of 1270's at a hamfest
not too long ago for something like $15 each.

That compares to the $150+  (new) for the inferior Kantronics...

I'm running out of patience for whining about the
price of equipment like this.  $100 or so is in the noise
these days.    There are plenty of folks ready and willing
to put in the energy and make the investments necessary
to build better systems.   cp naysayers > /dev/null

Jr High School kids these days spend hundreds ($300?  $500?)
on their graphics cards to better game performance.  Wanna bet
their going to be "impressed" by our blazing 1200 baud system?

> It wont happen.  Human nature....  Even now, only say
> 10% of all digipeaters have even taken the effort to
> change to the new n-N paradigm which could show
> a factor of 2 to 6 improvement over what we have
> and not cost a dime...  but it hasnt happened.

It will and is happening.  It takes time.   The proposals haven't
been all that stable and I'm sure many folks are waiting for
some time to make sure there aren't new changes.

> THinking the whole network of 1000 digis is going
> to change hardware is dreaming...

I didn't say it was but I will.   It should -- no question about that.

Nothing wrong with dreaming - besides   The network HAS TO 
continually change -- to grow and improve.

  * Tuning what we're doing is the first step.  (hog counters)
  * Tweaking the configuration (new widen-n scheme) is important to get
the best
     from the existing resources.
  * Critically important is to brainstorm, dream, plan and try new
     which brings the next generation of the system.

"Next generation" suggestions are far too often dismissed on this

Thank goodness for the open and progressive  NWAPRS.

> Just a thought..
> de Wb4APR

Bill - WA7NWP

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