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How about a DNS LOC server for live APRS data?  It'd be a very lightweight
way for client programs to do location lookups on stations, and would be
easy to load share between servers.  Works through firewalls, too.  I
actually had a proof-of-concept working on Windows 2000 at one point,
feeding a Microsoft DNS server with data from the IS stream and returning
positions in the TXT record.  Something that integrates with BIND would be


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I have implemented a "whois" server using the callsign WHO-IS  This
server does a lookup on QRZ.com and returns pertinent information to the
requester.  It is very simple to use:

Send a message to WHO-IS with the single callsign of interest.  WHO-IS
will respond with a single message containing name, class of license
(USA only), country (non-USA only), and city,state (Addr2 line).  The
message is trimmed to 67 characters to stay within specification.

You can get a full display of the detail lines (five messages for a full
listing) by prefixing the callsign with f space (for example: f ae5pl).

Have fun.


Pete Loveall AE5PL
mailto:pete at ae5pl.net 

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