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[aprssig] future problems with NWS radar images?

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Mon Mar 28 22:30:10 UTC 2005

On Mar 28, 2005, at 5:13 PM, Wes Johnston wrote:

> I started a conversation with my local NWS data guru about getting 
> transparent
> doppler images (with the gridding and county line overlays), and he has
> referred me to a man up in Maryland.  In my conversation with the guy 
> in MD, he
> let the cat out of the bag that they are redoing the nexrad radar 
> websites and
> are adding some glitzy graphics, but will also offer transparent 
> images.  The
> red flag went up when I looked at the _projection_ they use.  It is no 
> longer
> orthogonal!  It's a spherical projection that looks like it'll make 
> the doppler
> radar GIF files pulled from the NWS sites unsuitable for findu, 
> ui-view,
> winaprs, and xastir....
At that scale (250-300  miles edge to edge) I would think projection 
should not make much of a difference. Any map gurus care to comment...

Personally, I do not like the new maps they are putting under this 
radar. While at first glance it looks better, the sole purpose of the 
map in this case is to orient the user, and while the new map does 
this, I do not think it does it any better, while the additional eye 
candy makes it harder to sort out the radar data...

Steve K4HG

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