[aprssig] future problems with NWS radar images?

Tyler Allison tyler at allisonhouse.com
Mon Mar 28 16:30:41 CST 2005

> Does anyone else have any information as to where the NWS is going here?

I watch the radar system fairly closely for personal reasons and I've not
heard anything about the 'raw' data changing. The NWS is messing around
with new/better graphics for their websites...as you were directed.

>  Are they going to really use this spherical projection?

The original radar data, as provided to the research community via the
Unidata IDD Cooporative, is supposedly in Lambert Conformal. Im not up on
my projections but maybe that's the "spherical" projection they are
talking about?

Instead of using the GIF images why not grab the radar data raw (via FTP)
and convert to image format yourself using Gempak? That way you can
control the projection.


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