[aprssig] NEAT GADGET! Complete web server ...

Chris Kantarjiev cak at dimebank.com
Mon Mar 28 17:03:48 CST 2005

Yes, the tiny IPic is a cool thing - and I've thought about
putting an igate into it (I've also thought about trying to
cram digi_ned into it!). 

Note that the IPic design doesn't talk to an ethernet, and it
doesn't (obviously) do outbound TCP connections, both of
which would be needed for an igate.

And I couldn't find the code available for download, either.

There are other, similar options. The Packet Whacker is 
a very promising setup, a bit more realistic than this
(most excellent) design exercise. Something like a $25 
hardware cost, plus a lot of free software.

What *I* want to see is a set of stackable components that
includes a weather station. I'd love it if the T238+, whenever
it sees the light of day, allowed me to also stack a digipeater
and igate on it for my fully-powered home station...

Perhaps it's time for another TAPR standard, like the TNC2 :-)

(The X-track module has promise - but I can't find any specifications
for anyone trying to put new code into it...)

73 de chris KG6VYD

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