[aprssig] NEAT GADGET! Complete web server ...

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Mon Mar 28 17:40:53 CST 2005

> Note that the IPic design doesn't talk to an ethernet, and it
> doesn't (obviously) do outbound TCP connections, both of
> which would be needed for an igate.

It does look very limited.  I think there are some other options out there
for free TCP/IP stacks that might require a little more hardware but would
be a lot more capable.

> And I couldn't find the code available for download, either.

I noticed that myself.

> it sees the light of day, allowed me to also stack a digipeater
> and igate on it for my fully-powered home station...

My ARM-based TNC project should hopefully scale up well for that sort of
thing.  I'm not going to mess with an Ethernet MAC and TCP/IP stack on this
version, but it's always a possibility for the future.  Especially since
there are some ARM chips out there that include a lot of the necessary
hardware.  I've decided against an LCD display in the standard version,
too - partly because of expense, size considerations, and possible EMC
complications.  I plan on leaving solder pads for a flex cable jumper to an
external display if there are I/O pins to spare.

> Perhaps it's time for another TAPR standard, like the TNC2 :-)

I've given up trying to get TAPR interested in anything.  I offered to make
the OpenTracker a TAPR project, and no one cared.  Which probably turned out
for the better in the long run anyway - money from kit sales finances the
TNC project.

I could still use help with the analog front end design and the DSP
algorithms.  If you've got experience with modem hardware and software
design and would like to contribute, let me know.  The hardware side is
particularly important - the DSP code can always be upgraded later, but the
hardware needs to be done right the first time.  I'd be willing to pay for
expert help in this area - can't afford a lot at this point, but a share of
future profits, if any, might be an option.

The administrative functions are coming along well.  Multi-console support
works well, and filename wildcard matching is working as of today.  The
command prompt now feels something like a cross between a KPC-3 and DOS 3.3.
With maybe just a touch of VMS.  If nothing else, the codebase should at
least provide a good starting point for dataloggers and other such projects.


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