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[aprssig] Fine Tuned New n-N Paradigm Filters

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Mar 29 01:02:50 UTC 2005

>>> jdw at eng.uah.edu 3/28/05 7:01:38 PM >>>
>Just look at all the uses of the world-wide IP network 
>we have today: instant messaging, web, email, video, 
>connected streams, datagrams,  short haul, long haul, 
>slow links, fast links.  Because it was designed 
>like a network the users don't have to care what the 
>MAC address of their default router is in order to connect 
>to a web server.  APRS should be the same way.

But they aren't using 1200 baud on a single RF channel.
Maybe that is the problem, we dont have any HAMs lect?

>>   All of these may need a DIFFERENT
>> path setting based on the SENDERS intent.

>They may need a different destination _address_, but the _network_ 
>should know what path (route) is needed to get the data to that 
>destination.  This is how networks are designed.

OK, then how is the network going to know that I want
my packets to go to to the 30 nearest people to me and
the 15 other people on the oter end of the county?

I can do that with DIGI1,DIGI2.   How is your facny network
going to know that I want it to go to those 45 peple?  Yes,
I will have to set up groups and subgroups, and boundaries
and subnets and then tell that to the network.  Geeze,
sure seems better for me to just say I want to hit DIGI1 and
DIGI 2...

Every single discussion I have heard about smart networking
on the APRSSIG has to do with BIG wrong assumitions such
as 1) Everyone wants just to get to FINDU, or 2) we only
want all weather to go to the NWS site, or We ONLY allow
mobiles to go 2 hops, or, we let the path VARY according to
load.  I assure you, those are all totally restrictive and limiting
and try to force a one-size fits-all solution on everyone
according to the NETWORK guru's own ideas of what the
network is.

I dont buy that.
In APRS, only the sender knows where he wants his packets
to go and it is not as simple as saying "local", State or word..
as some people seem to think...



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