[aprssig] NEAT GADGET! Complete web server ...

Andre PE1RDW aprs at pe1rdw.demon.nl
Tue Mar 29 11:33:48 CST 2005

Chris Kantarjiev schreef:

>Yes, the tiny IPic is a cool thing - and I've thought about
>putting an igate into it (I've also thought about trying to
>cram digi_ned into it!). 
>Note that the IPic design doesn't talk to an ethernet, and it
>doesn't (obviously) do outbound TCP connections, both of
>which would be needed for an igate.
>And I couldn't find the code available for download, either.
>There are other, similar options. The Packet Whacker is 
>a very promising setup, a bit more realistic than this
>(most excellent) design exercise. Something like a $25 
>hardware cost, plus a lot of free software.
>What *I* want to see is a set of stackable components that
>includes a weather station. I'd love it if the T238+, whenever
>it sees the light of day, allowed me to also stack a digipeater
>and igate on it for my fully-powered home station...
>Perhaps it's time for another TAPR standard, like the TNC2 :-)
>(The X-track module has promise - but I can't find any specifications
>for anyone trying to put new code into it...)
>73 de chris KG6VYD
Maybe you should check out the tnc7, it is build around an arm7 and has 
plenty of space for software.
I think you can get hold of the specs for programming for it.

73 de Andre PE1RDW

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