[aprssig] Simple APRS web page needed

Andrew Rich vk4tec at tech-software.net
Wed Mar 30 02:29:43 CST 2005

While I was away recently I had WAP and GPRS to track my friend who was
coming to visit.

I used WAP APRS, which told me his lat/lon/speed time since last heard.

This was all well and good, but it does not really tell me where he is.
(xxKm/s from nearset city)

What I found usefull and would like to make the suggestion, was findu.com
(pictures turned off)

When you only have limited mem in ur phone it is easy to fill it up.

What I found usefull (from the existing screen) would be a screen like this
on findu.com

Call: VK4KHP-9
Last: 2HRs 24 Mins
Lat : -34.4545S
Lon : 144.2333E
Pos : 52 KM south east of Melbourne Australia
Spd : 52KM/h
RAW : VK4KHP> data here
Com : Comments

There are some things you want to know

1) How long ago did the report come in (is he parked for the night ?)
2) Position with reference to a major town
3) Are they moving ? Speed
4) From the raw packet, how they made it into the net (which digi are they
hitting ?)
5) Any comments form the RAW like "Pete on way to melbourne"

Lat and lon not much good unless you have a map.

I tried also to get "inputpos.cgi" to post from my handset - no go.

Comments ?

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