[aprssig] Infrastructure Question

Mark Earle wa2mct at mearle.com
Thu Mar 31 09:01:27 CST 2005

>Is there any firmware out there that could make either a Tiny-2 or a PK12 
>less 'dumb'. As if they could deal with WIDE2-2 in an intelligent manner, 
>we could replace those at the same time as making EI2WRC-1 smarter as 
>well, and have a universal WIDE2-2 path.

We ended up (in SE Texas USA) with a stack of Tiny2's. We're using UIDIGI 
from the author in Italy. It deals with most of the "new" digi ideas that 
have been tossed about here. One advantage is, you change the settings in a 
file on the PC, and burn those to a chip. The TNC Boots to those settings. 
You can log in remotely and change things but if the TNC restarts (say, 
from a power glitch), it comes back up with the values stored in the chip.

It has proven to be very stable.

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