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[aprssig] Digpeater setup

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Mar 31 15:07:38 UTC 2005

>>> dsparks at pobox.com 3/30/05 11:35:17 PM >>>
> ... We now recommend that use of WIDE and RELAY are 
> obsolete ... because [they do]  more damage than good.  

>... but  isn't there a role to be played by a modified RELAY 
>digi?  What about a  setup where such a station keeps track 
>of recent [packets] received directly,  and then digis them 
>only *IF* they aren't heard being resent by a WIDE digi 
>within a certain period of time, like 20 sec., let's say?

Absolutely, that is a greaat solution.  But it should not be
based on the dupe-generating-RELAY legacy.  SImply let
that same algorithm work on WIDEn-N packets at that
"fill-in-digi" location.  We must wean ourselves from starting
paths with RELAY which has no really good dupe-elimination
process in most of the digis out there.

But it is fantastic if we can have smart-digis do as you
suggest.  But just let them work on WIDEn-N and not
RELAY that is flooding us with dupes all the rest of
the time...

>The problem with mountainous terrain, is that local terrain 
>can block line-of-sight propagation to a much higher, but 
>distant mountain top digi. IOW, the HAAT figure at a 
>mobile APRS station is negative.

Agree, completely.  The algorithm you describe is perfect
for fill-in digis and would be a great boon to APRS.  I think
DIGI__NED can do it?

de Wb4APR, Bob

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