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[aprssig] Optima Batteries?

Josh Keller jeepin95 at comcast.net
Thu Mar 31 19:20:25 UTC 2005

Thanks for the input everyone.

>I just checked the big, dumb, cheap marine deep-cycle battery sitting here.
>It's 45 lbs, cost about $45, and is rated at 85 Ah, 700 MCA.  Item #12851
>from Costco.
Cool, we will probably go with something more along those lines then.

>I don't think I'd commit a D700 to digi operation though...
> Personally I feel that you would be better off with a KPC3(+) a Yaesu
>VX150, a 17 AH gelcel, and a couple of sections of Rat Shack mast than
>trying to power a D700 for any period of time from even a 75AH battery. 5
>watts and 20-30 feet of mast will usually trump 45 watts and 8 feet of
>antenna. The overall lightness of the setup I am suggesting also means it
>could be carried farther up the mountain to be placed and useful.
We will usually always be running the D700 in low power, which I believe 
is 10W. Our shopping list does include fiberglass mast sections, and we 
already have a few different antenna options for the top of the mast.

We already have a couple of D700 units and getting more radios is like 
pulling teeth. While they may be overkill eventually the digi will be 
located in an Argo (http://argoatv.com/products/product.asp?MID=10) and 
have the ability to see the teams on their GPS. Most of the time I get 
stuck purchasing "parts" like that myself, proving that it works, then 
they *may* end up making a purchase.

I'm currently thinking about the USB micro TNC from elcom with one of 
our Bendix King HTs. My personal tracker right now consists of a BK and 
OpenTracker, which was much cheaper and IMO works better than the D7As 
the unit has. The only downside is that I don't get to see other teams 
on my GPS, which is a very nice feature.

Thanks for the input,

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