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Rich Osman rich at osman.com
Thu Mar 31 14:07:14 CST 2005

Almost anything that will do the EPROM part numbers will work.  Most of the
cheapies are running generic algorithms and can have problems, particularly
with elderly parts. If you can't find, or the offerer can't provide a list of
part numbers, just walk away. The Data I/O unisite 29B will do almost every
EPROM that any might have used with a TNC2 or any of it's clones. It runs an
algorithm tailored to the part, and will be pickier about calling a part
programmed. As an example, it will verify part programming at high and 
low Vcc.
This is a double edged sword.  You'll get more reliable parts in the 
field, but
you'll reject a few that might be acceptable. 29B's are going pretty cheap on
eBay with an EPROM adapter.  I have most of the docs and drivers for the 29B.

Generic things to watch out for:  Most of the programmers will require 
a driver
program of some sort.   Make sure you can download it before you buy and can
check that you can execute it. Some require a manufacturer supplied key or
license file. Buy something that uses a serial port if you can, it's likely to
be less critical about host PC performance that something that runs on the
paralell port or installs inside the PC.  In any event, be sure you get any
software you need.

While you are not likely to have missed this, you will need a UV 
eraser.  There
is a cute little (pack of cigarettes sized) UV eraser made by someone
(Dataram?) that is perfect for onesey work.  For more than one or two, 
made a nice little all-metal one, but it doesn't have a time.  
Spectronics made
several erasers for R&D lab use with a mechanical timer.  I have one of these
about to go on eBay.

Quoting "Eric H. Christensen" <kf4otn at ericsatcom.net>:

> Can someone point me in the right direction of a prom burner that
> would be capable of burning UIDIGI or DIGINED proms for TNC2 modems?
> Thanks,
> Eric KF4OTN

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