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[aprssig] KPC3+ from GPS to TERMINAL

Brian Riley brianbr at mac.com
Tue Nov 1 00:02:13 UTC 2005

  Specifically the Hayes/TNC command sequence for the break requires  
a 1 second silence before AND after the three 'command  break  

cheers ... 73 de brian  riley,  n1bq , underhill center, vermont
   <n1bq at wulfden.org>

On Oct 31, 2005, at 12:46 PM, Mark Saurman wrote:

> Yes, it is three control-C's (^C ^C ^C) by default.  I believe if you
> change the COMmand to something other than $03 (CTRL-C) that you'll
> have to use that character, but don't quote me on that.  The +++ is
> from the Hayes command set to get the modems ATtention.  I remember
> back when BBS's were still big using that often to hang up.  +++ATH0
> 73,
> Mark VO1ONE
> On 10/31/05, Robert Bruninga <bruninga at usna.edu> wrote:
>> I think it is ^C ^C ^C.
>> I think the +++ is for Hayes modems...?  Bob

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