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[aprssig] KPC3+ from GPS to TERMINAL

Stan Coleman [NØYXV] n0yxv at gihams.org
Tue Nov 1 04:22:26 UTC 2005

What the book says and what I've experienced are a little different. At least as
far as the KPC3 [Not +] is concerned. The book says you need to get all three
CTRL+C characters in in under 3 seconds. I find in actual usage it's closer to
2 seconds.

I've also noted what might be a bug in Hyperterm. If you are sucessful and
manage to get the three CTRL+C in in time and you get the TNC out of GPS mode
it will only work once per session. In other words you log onto the TNC and
successfully get it out of GPS mode. You then make some changes and reset it
back into GPS mode. Then you discover an error and what to get it out of GPS
mode again. This second time, in one session, the 3 CTRL+C won't work. However
if you log out and back on again the CTRL+C works again.

Don't know if this is what was ment by "If you send *anything* right before or
after (including hitting the RETURN key) it won't work." or not. Maybe I'm just
explaining the same thing with more words. :-)

Can't remember but I _think_ other Terminal software doesn't have that quirk.

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Quoting Richard Amirault <ramirault at erols.com>:

> ----- Original Message -----
> Subject: Re: [aprssig] KPC3+ from GPS to TERMINAL
> On 10/31/05, Phillip B. Pacier <ad6nh at arrl.net> wrote:
> > Are there any tricks for getting a KPC3+ to go from GPS mode to TERMINAL
> > mode?  The +++ never seems to work for me and I always have to resort to
> > a hardware reset to get the TNC out of GPS mode.  Thanks!
> There is a "trick" to get the three Ctrl C's to work.  You need to have them
> by themselves.  If you send *anything* right before or after (including
> hitting the RETURN key) it won't work.
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