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[aprssig] Time Change (again)

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Tue Nov 1 04:36:21 UTC 2005

farmer.aj at gmail.com wrote:

>On 10/31/05, Richard Amirault <ramirault at erols.com> wrote:
>>On a somewhat related note, did you guys hear that daylight savings
>>time in the U.S. is changing in 2007?
>>"Starting March 11, 2007, daylight saving time will be extended
>>another four to five weeks, from the second Sunday of March to the
>>first Sunday of November."

I've been wondering ever since this daylight time change was announced 
what Microsoft is going to do about it.  There are HUNDREDS of millions 
of copies of Windows all coded to automatically switch on the 
traditional dates each year. 

Is the DST date change a trivial registry patch to change a constant?

Are they going to issue a patch?  

Will they non-support any version of Windows earlier than XP?   

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