[aprssig] What a diffeence an antenna makes

Robert Kirk isobar at bcpl.net
Tue Nov 1 00:04:57 CST 2005

At 11:15 AM 10/31/05 -0800, Scott Miller wrote:

>[...] A whip antenna would definitely be easiest.  Does anyone know what 
>legal requirements there might be for free-floating buoys?  Like does it 
>need a flag or other markings?

I have a lot of experience with free floating buoys in the open ocean for 
oceanographic research, Legal requirements are pretty much non-existent, so 
do what you'd like. (Think of unregulated crab pots.)

Also, visibility is a two edged sword. A flag might make it easier for you 
to find & recover,  but it also attracts vandals and souvenir hunters. 
Surprising how many there are, even at sea.

Bob Kirk

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