[aprssig] KPC3+ from GPS to TERMINAL

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
Tue Nov 1 04:00:10 CST 2005

> I've also noted what might be a bug in Hyperterm.

You don't say!  Not heard that of Hyperterm before, much!  (Does depend
on the exact version you have though)...

> Can't remember but I _think_ other Terminal software doesn't have that

The old Win3x "Terminal" program is about as flexible and reliable as
you can get for something so simple, and Free!  You can also program up
soft function keys (4 banks of 8 keys, should be enough?) to do things
like throw special command strings, in a very short time.  The "Face" of
the key can have a descriptive name too.

For example, set one up with the string "^C^C^C" and it will send 3
control C's in succession to whatever you are connected to, and in the
minimum time required, and no risk of the terminal program thinking it's
a special key sequence of it's own!

The only downside, is that it wont talk to anything above COM4:, and it
warms up Pentiums!  (Check the core temperature, before and during
running it, or any Win3x or 16 bit application for that matter!)  

It will use "Virtual" com ports (so long as they present themselves as
COM1, 2, 3 or 4) and you can run as many of them as you wish, well, up
to the number of active com ports you have that it will use, not a lot
of point after that!...

We use it all the time, even on Win2k and XP, as the utility of
preference to talk to all sorts of industrial stuff, it just works,
99.9% of the time.  (The other 0.1% is usually finger or cable trouble!
<G> )

We even use it for sending firmware uploads (some of them "Huge"!) to
things, as you can send (and receive) text and binary files.  Intel Hex
is a wonderful thing!

If you want to use a modem, it will even dial for you, after all, that
was it's original purpose...

The files you need for the full thing, including it's help system are...

Just put them in a folder of their own, or on a floppy, as there is less
than 250k of it, all in, and create a shortcut to the .exe  Job done.

I'm sure it wont take too long to find them on the web, there are enough
third party Win3x support sites still about...  If not, mail me

Oh yes, you can save the setups, and load them automaticaly on launching
it from a shortcut, just specify the working directory in the shortcut,
and the name of the setup file after the "command" in the shortcut.

All in all MUCH more convenient for resetting TNC's radios, GPS's and
all sorts of other serial gadgets than HyperTerminal ever will be.

Just my 6 penny worth...


Dave G0WBX.

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