[aprssig] Time Change (again)

Andy Gonzales KG6RWO at comcast.net
Tue Nov 1 09:06:32 CST 2005

didn't catch the beginning of this thread so if this is a repeat or the
start I apologize.
DST will start two weeks earlier than usual and end one week later than
usual beginning in 2007.

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> Stephen H. Smith wrote:
> > Is the DST date change a trivial registry patch to change a constant?
> It's a registry thing. There's even a program downloadable from MS for
> editing time zone settings if you don't want to touch the registry
> directly. It really isn't a unique occurrence, a country deciding to
> change their daylight saving time properties. It happens just about
> every year somewhere.
> But why not switch directly to UTC (globally) and not fiddle around with
> silly daylight savings. Prolly will never happen, but I guess you can
> always hope..
>    Tapio
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