[aprssig] KPC3+ from GPS to TERMINAL

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
Tue Nov 1 11:24:49 CST 2005


The Windows version of Procom, was nowhere near as useful as the last of
the DOS versions, I had both side by side at one point on two machines,
the DOS one just about always won hands down, though the Windows one
looked nicer, and was a little easer to do some things with...  Never
bothered keeping up with the windows version as a result.  We only
stopped using the Dos version a couple of years ago when a Win2k update
(SP4 I think) killed the serial ports in it's DOS emulation, and we
couldn't persuade the registry to turn them back on, despite MS's help.

By that time we were also very conversant with the Win3x Terminal
program.  Other than the scripting functions of Procom, it does just
about everything else.

Telix and Kermit also very useful, especialy long distance point to
point file transfer.  PC+ of course handled those protocols also.

At home I ran packet with it for many a year, automatic timed connects &
logon's to the local BBS, then mail transfers (in and out) etc, all from
the Aspect script language.  Not sure I'd even know where to start to
recreate that now...

Enough, drifted off topic, again......

Nearly time to quit...


Dave B  G0WBX.

> They made a Windows version of it, great program, I still run it.
> John

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