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[aprssig] software talking in converse

lcerney at viawest.net lcerney at viawest.net
Tue Nov 1 17:27:29 UTC 2005

Dave G0WBX wrote;

I'd tend to agree on this, KISS is (suposedly) a uniform spec across all
(most) makes of TNC, so why use Converse mode for machine to machine comms, as
that changes even within one makers family of TNC on ocasions.

I write;

I tend to go with converse on my KPC3+ which along with the associated radio are
battery backed.  So when the power goes out, or the computer goes off into the
ozone, I still have a functioning digi for everyone else to use.  In KISS mode,
losing the computer turns a fully functional TNC into a power sucking brick
attached to a radio which serves no one.

Just my 0.02....


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