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[aprssig] Alinco DR-135T - EJ41U internal modem

hasan schiers schiers at netins.net
Tue Nov 1 18:01:10 UTC 2005

Besides the fact, that once in KISS mode it doesn't work reliably. It is a 
total FAILURE as a KISS tnc. Nice radio, useless tnc when most of the nice 
aprs clients do their best in KISS mode, not to mention AGWPE, which gives 
multiple applications access to the same radio, IF and ONLY IF, it works 
properly in KISS (which it doesn't).

The D700 will work in KISS mode...I use it for PCSAT2 as one of 3 agwpe 
ports (ui-view on 144.39 and ISS on 145.800). The D7 will NOT work 
(reliably) in KISS mode, either.

We seem to go through this same conversation every year or so, when some 
unsuspecting soul gets "snookered" by non KISS supporting hardware.

The problem is that all three radios respond to the KISS ON parm, but may or 
may not support this mode properly, which leads to a lot of confusion, and 
not a little disappointment.

...hasan, N0AN
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From: "Ron Stordahl" <ron.stordahl at digikey.com>
To: "TAPR APRS Mailing List" <aprssig at lists.tapr.org>
Sent: Monday, October 31, 2005 1:36 PM
Subject: Re: [aprssig] Alinco DR-135T - EJ41U internal modem

> Bob...did you notice that the FAQ quote from the Alinco.com page indicates 
> that you must set the modem to KISS every time you power the radio on?  To 
> me that seems unacceptable.
> Ron, N5IN
> Robert Bruninga wrote:
>>> Looks like one should be skeptical of the EJ41U modem option in the 
>>> DR-135T.
>> Just to keep this train on the track, there is NO problem for using the 
>> DR-135 and its internal modem for APRS (exactly what it was designed to 
>> do).  One packet at a time in UI mode.
>> What it was not designed to do was to be a full-
>> blown general purpose TNC able to support
>> bulk file transfer in connected mode requiring
>> multiple un-acknowledged outstanding packets at a time and  operating in 
>> KISS mode.
>> So lets not jump on the bandwagon of condeming a TNC that works perfectly 
>> for what it was designed to do and which it has published it is designed 
>> to do and then to condem it for not doing things it was not designed to 
>> do and which they say it was not designed to do.
>> Just a thought...
>> Bob

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