[aprssig] Alinco DR-135T - EJ41U internal modem

Andre PE1RDW aprs at pe1rdw.demon.nl
Tue Nov 1 12:36:46 CST 2005

Scott Miller schreef:

>> envisioned getting two packets in a row.   With continuous reception, 
>> you have to have enough buffer for two frames, because you have to 
>> hold on to the first one until you can check the CRC and decide what 
>> to do with it. However, while you are checking the CRC and sending it 
>> out to
> Sure, I understand that just fine, but my point was that it shouldn't 
> matter whether it's KISS or converse mode, you've still got to buffer 
> the packets. If anything, converse mode will take longer to spit them 
> out and should need slightly MORE buffer.  So it doesn't make sense 
> that KISS mode would have buffer problems when converse doesn't.
> Scott, N1VG
> http://n1vg.net/opentracker
KISS mode does not even care about crc, that is done in the computer or 
whatever kiss aplication you are running, so convers mode would need the 
two frame buffer but kiss only needs one as the bare minimum.
So converse would be more likely to have buffer problems on recieve, 
however when sending the tc has no means to stop the computer from 
sending data and a kiss implementation can suffer from buffer overrun, I 
have even seen this happen in a tnc2 with tf2.7 in kissmode, sending a 
19k2 stream to a 1k2 kiss tnc doesn´t seem to work somehow :)

73 de Andre PE1RDW

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