[aprssig] > 2. Re: APRS worldwide coverage and frequencies

K. Mark Caviezel kmcaviezel at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 5 14:58:54 CST 2005

>    2. Re: APRS worldwide coverage and frequencies
> > Is there a master list of APRS frequencies by
> country or region, with
> > descriptions of coverage level? 
> >
> > Scott, N1VG
> > http://n1vg.net/opentracker
> >

Excellent question Scott.  I'm trying to run-down the
standard APRS freq in Mexico, I'm pretty sure it is
144.39, but can't find confirming information on the
web.  Planning to fly my hot air balloon in the Fiesta
de Globos in Chihuahua, Mexico November 11-12-13. 
I guess I may just monitor 144.39 and see if there is
activity on the freq when I get there. 

- KMC ng0x Denver.   

car= ngox   90,000 cubic foot balloon = ng0x-11 

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